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Adventure living … for pets


It all began when we built a model of our full-sized yurt. Two curious cats, Shadow and Baymax, were immediately interested in the structure and soon claimed it as their own.

Thus Tree Wise PETS was founded with the intent to bring all the benefits of our human-sized living spaces to our furry friends.

We strive to keep these pet-sized accommodations in line with the company standards to produce quality structures that are versatile, efficient, functional, eco-friendly and customizable.

Each accommodation is conceptualized, designed and built by the humans at Tree Wise PETS. Each unit is also thoroughly inspected and approved by our four-legged testing team, lead by Shadow and Baymax.

Tree Wise PETS is a branch of Tree Wise Designs, a crafter of human sized tree houses, yurts and other unique living spaces. Tree Wise Designs creates, builds and installs accommodations in a variety of environments to offer adventure lodging with all the comforts of home.

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