Passion with experience

Tree Wise Designs brings a balanced and in-depth combination of experience in construction, aerial rigging, and attaching structures to trees. Our philosophy in building is rooted in our passion and stems from our experiences. We use our expertise to work efficiently with patented designs that are versatile, durable, affordable and environmentally friendly.  We are committed to providing top quality products backed with the genuine customer service that will help you through every process of building your dream. Our ability to design, plan, schedule, and execute, creates a seamless process, from concept to a finished product that will exceed your expectations.

Our Team



Owner, Designer, Builder, Sales

Reid has been in the adventure industry since he was a kid living year-round at summer camps, working with their challenge course, horse stables and wilderness camping trips.  As an adult, he put in his time for a four-year degree, tried a traditional career for about 6 months, then got sucked into the design and construction of tree-based elements.  He has built Canopy Tours, Zip Lines, Treehouses and Suspension bridges throughout the US and Canada.  His passion for design and problem solving have led to patented designs and innovations in tree attachments.  When he isn’t working, he enjoys wilderness canoe trips, playing hockey and inventing. 



Project Manager, Builder

Fletch’s experience in the adventure industry started in 2008 and spans from the operations side as a Rock Climbing Guide, Horse Wrangler, Rafting Guide and Boat Ape to construction where he has built zip lines, record breaking roller coasters, and tree work specializing in technical tree access, pruning and removal.  He started in general construction in 2004 but always with an emphasis on aerial work and rigging, whether it is technical tree topping or rigging trusses for custom homes, Fletcher has done it.  Fletcher has been rock climbing for over 20 years including some first assents in his home range.  In his spare time, Fletcher enjoys parasailing and white-water kayaking. If it is raining he is probably looking for places to kayak or dreaming about the creeks he would be running at home.  He works hard all the time and when you want super-human effort just bribe him with a lobster dinner (as pictured).