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Tree Wise Designs is a one-stop shop that designs and builds unique glamping accommodations. We work all over the U.S. and Canada with anyone from individuals to campgrounds to resorts and more. We create quality adventure housing that is:


to fit a wide range of environment and experiences, including under-utilized areas such as ravines, hill sides and other steep areas.

Tree house Lost Valley, AR


for usable living space and cost. Our models are shaped to easily fit furnishings and sized for space and cost efficiency.


to accommodate a variety of needs and functions. Easily interchangeable shapes, wall panels, and cloth options make it simple and cost-effective to customize for your needs.

Tree house Lost Valley, AR


and patented designs provide peace of mind and ease of permitting before installation. This helps make the permitting process as easy as possible. Learn more about our patented tree-based platform from our sister company Geronimo Construction.

Tree house Lost Valley, AR

Light weight

for easier installation, portability and lower impact on environment and sites. This allows us to use a wider range of locations and trees, along with less after installation clean up.

Tree house Lost Valley, AR


to maximize strength and longevity, and minimize maintenance. Ease of maintenance and parts replacement are designed from the outset, along with increased wind and snow load capacity.

Tree house Lost Valley, AR