A new angle on an classic tent

Our Orion line is a modern take on the classic yurt.  The unique framing increases the strength alongside wind and snow load, while reducing weight and over all materials used. This allows lower-impact installation in more remote and sensitive areas.

The octagonal shape creates a far more functional living space and provides greater flexibility in designs and function. We can add a second story, different wall options, and extra bump outs, all of which are not usually available with round yurts.

Standard kits will come with the wooden frame and hardware, one frame door, one frame window, four zip-out windows, and two plain panels. You can build the kit yourself or have us install it for you. Learn more about our installation options.

  • 15 ft diameter; 162 square ft
  • 20 ft diameter; 268 square ft
  • 26 ft diameter; 477 square ft*
  • 32 ft diameter; 696 square ft*
  • Custom sizes, shapes and second story to fit your needs

*½ or ¾ loft available on 26 ft and 32 ft models

Our octagonal shape creates eight flat sides and straight roof pitches, which make it easy to utilize a variety of materials and options for the outer shell.

The standard shell is water tight and consists of a single roof that attaches to eight separate wall panels. This makes it easy to customize and replace individual panels without having to replace the whole shell.


Vinyl (standard) – Our standard exterior shells come with a single tan vinyl layer that is UV, mildew, and flame resistant. It can stay up year round and is easy to clean with a pressure washer or scrub brushes. It is durable, with a lifespan of 10 to 15 years, depending on environment.

Custom options – Want a different color? Want solid roof or walls out of wood or metal? We can do that! Contact us for custom options.


Add additional interior cloth options to make your unit meet your environmental and aesthetic needs.

  • Half liner – canvas on interior of walls from floor to waist level
  • Full liner – canvas on interior of walls and roof
  • Insulation – reflective insulation for up to year round functionality.
  • Insulation with full liner – insulation sandwiched between exterior vinyl and inner canvas liner.  


Wall panels can have a variety of features from solid walls to doors and windows to full clear options.

  • Plain wall
  • Framed door – a standard door that reduces wear and tear on the cloth structure, as well as reduces the learning curve for your guests
  • Framed window – wall with framed window that allows a second exit for fire code, if required, as well as a place to add a window air conditioning unit if needed
  • Cloth window – wall with a zip out clear vinyl window and permanent screen
  • Cloth door – wall with a zipper door
  • Full clear panel – floor to ceiling clear vinyl (insulation and liner not available on these panels)
  • Custom panels – Need a bigger window? Want a full clear panel? Let us know and we will work with you to make it happen!

  • Central skylight – A skylight at the peak of the roof allows more natural light to flow into the room.
  • Vent Fan – Add a vent fan in the peak of the roof (with or without a sky light) to maximize ventilation, minimize heating and cooling costs, and make the interior more inviting and comfortable year-round. 
  • Loft – The 26 ft and 32 ft models can have a loft over ½ to ¾ of the main living area without changing the exterior structure. This is great way to have a full kitchen and bathroom with the bedroom in the loft. It’s also a fun adventure for kids (and kids at heart).
  • Second story– All yurt sizes can be built with a second story, doubling the square footage of the living area. This is an excellent way to add living space for full kitchen and bathroom or more sleeping areas within a small footprint.
  • Bump outs – You can add 8-foot bump outs to one or more of the walls. This creates a space perfectly sized for a small separate bedroom or kids room.
  • Exterior decks – The deck options are endless with the yurts from a simple entry deck to a full 360-degree deck around the entire unit.
  • Other shapes – Because of our unique framing, we are able to elongate two sides of the yurt, making it an oval shape. The end result is still an eight-sided yurt but with increased space. 

Look up pricing for Orion Yurts or contact us to start building your unique living space.