Products and Services

Modern Yurts

(see Brochure)

Orion Yurts– A modern take on the classic yurt.

Tree Wise Treehouses

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Aurora Treehouse– Ground based treehouse with tree growing through the middle.

Arborealis Treehouse– Tree based treehouse supported by the tree growing through the middle. 

Covered Wagons

Classic covered wagon shape with more usable space and low maintenance materials. 

Outfitter Tents

Simple structures to provide the comforts of home while experiencing the great outdoors. 

Modern Tepees

The classic tepee shape with modern materials to be 100% waterproof and longer lasting.

Geronimo Treehouse Platform Kits

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The only tree-friendly, tree-based, patented and engineered platform in the world. 

Custom Projects and Designs

The sky is the limit!  We will work with you to understand your vision and needs.  Then design a structure specifically to your vision and needs. 


We offer our Orion Yurts, Aurora Treehouses, Covered Wagons, Outfitter Tents, Modern Tepees and Geronimo Treehouse Platform Kits as kits for you to assemble.  

Installation Services

Our professional crew will fully install any of our products or designs.  By having us build for you it reduces headaches and installation time.  Whether you want us to just install the shell for you to finish or want a turnkey installation we will work with you to make it happen. 

Furniture and Fixtures

We can provide full furnishings for the model and floor plan you choose.  Beds, tables, shelves, chairs, mattresses, etc.