Tree Wise PETS

It all started when we were making a scale model of our yurt. Our office cats took it over, creating the first cat yurt. From there we decided to streamline the process and build yurts and outfitter tents specifically for our furry coworkers and friends.

cat yurt tower

Our first model is the 17” Pet Yurt which is a purrrfect size for most cats and small dogs (up to 15lbs). It might be “rough” for larger dogs but let us know your pet’s size and we can accommodate.

We also have a 14”x16” outfitter tent style.  

Both models are designed for indoor use but have various custom options for cloth, cloth patterns and prints. Does your pet love Halloween, Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, Flag Day or any other holiday you can think of? We have themed covers (and can make more) that fit the standard frame so your pet yurt will never be out of style.

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