Panda Pet Yurt – Special Edition 17-inch Pet Yurt


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A panda for a cat.

This special edition panda yurt is an adorable take on our original 17” Pet Yurt by Tree Wise PETS. It is a perfect space for cats and small dogs to snuggle in. This unique pet home is easy to assemble, can store flat, and the cloth is machine washable for easy cleaning.

Want a different animal or other colors? We can also do custom colors and options. Contact us for customization options.

Yurts are structurally stable and offer efficient usable space for its base width. This 17” yurt is a cozy space perfectly sized to fit a cat up to 20 pounds, as certified by head of Quality Assurance, Baymax the cat.

Every pet yurt is handmade by the humans at Tree Wise PETS and is rigorously inspected by our four-legged testing team. We strive to use pet-friendly, natural materials that are non-toxic and easy to care for.

Don’t forget to add a pillow to your pet’s yurt!

Width – 17” longest diameter
Height – 15” tallest point (including felt ears)

Roof, walls – Black, white
Accents – Black

Frame – Wood
Shell – Flannel, string, felt

For other colors and patterns, or to request a custom order, please contact us. We design and build all our products and are happy to discuss custom structures to fit your specific needs.

Tree Wise PETS is a branch of Tree Wise Designs, a crafter of human sized tree houses, yurts and other unique living spaces. Tree Wise Designs creates, builds and installs accommodations in a variety of environments to offer adventure lodging with all the comforts of home.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 4 in