Geronimo Treehouse Platform Kit

Patented design

The only tree-friendly, tree-based, patented and engineered platform in the world. 

This fully tree supported platform was designed with the tree in mind. It has only two tree intrusions and all growth adjustments are outside the tree, which reduces the stress on the tree.

Our design also allows 12+ years of healthy tree growth without compromising the platform’s structural integrity. The kit parts are small enough to be transported to the site by hand, reducing the impact to the tree’s roots and surrounding environment. We reduced the need to remove live branches because the parts are be assembled around the tree and branches.

The structure can be your choice of a 12-foot square or 12-foot octagonal support structure. It is engineered to hold more than 16,200 pounds. It can fit around trees with diameters ranging from 12 to 38 inches, and up to a 15-degree lean.

The engineered design creates peace of mind and confidence in the structure, and reduces time and hassle when dealing with building codes.

You can attach anything from a wooden deck with a simple railing to an enclosed room or gazebo.

The platform is available as a kit you can set up yourself or that we can install for you. It is perfect for landscapers, arborists, other contractors, and competent Do-It-Yourselfers. If you decide to assemble it yourself, we provide comprehensive directions and consultation during the installation process.

With the Geronimo Treehouse Platform, you have countless options of building in the trees.

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